About Us

Bhageria Jewellers
Today, there are more ways than ever to buy jewelry and other fine metals and precious stones. There is also more ways than ever to find out the information you need to make the best decision depending on your personnel needs, wants and desires.

Where ever you decide to buy, you’ll find that the perfect piece of jewelry, precious metal or stone will always revolve around a mix of three essential and important characteristics:

  1. Selection
  2. Cost
  3. Customer Service

Your decision is also very likely to be one based on your personal comfort level. Low prices may be great but if the selection does not meet your need or customer service is a stranger sitting at a computer screen half way across the world, you probably won’t be very comfortable making that decision.

Right around the Corner
You won’t be surprised to find out that you’ll feel most comfortable buying from the jewelry store that is right around the corner. You may be surprised to find very competitive pricing. With your ability to buy worldwide, your Bhageria Jewellers knows that it must price competitively.

They know they must offer a selection that is going to appeal to the tastes and demands of it local clientele. And most of all they know that they success is based on their reputation for outstanding customer service.

When you walk into your Bhageria Jewellers, you know you can walk out with the item you want, competitively prices and with the support from local owners and managers knowing that your referral is the best advertising they have to bring in the next best customers.

Our Philosphy
Our company’s philosophy of providing the highest possible level of service. We pride ourselves on our personal approach and through our sales team we aim to provide a service that is both professional and efficient. With our enthusiasm and skill, we have enabled the company to become one of the leading jewelry suppliers in the Jaipur.